Ever worry about the potential of a grey day on your wedding day? That was the state of the weather this weekend. At least the threat of rain had passed. Our clients, Miguel and Tenia’s wedding was this Saturday at the Wayfarers’ Chapel, known for it’s beauty inside and out. Such a great couple too, good looking with vibrant personalities and so in love. Would an overcast day ruin the look of their photos ? No way! The grayness gave a soft light to their portraits. The vibrant greens of the Wayfarers landscaping glowed. All it took now was an understanding of the technical side of photography to make the pictures sing. What a point and shoot camera can’t achieve we were able to bring to the photos through technique and knowledge. Because we shoot in RAW format we could even amp up the vibrancy in post-production.

The next day Miguel and Tenia were able to view all of their photos online. Miguel and Tenia got the beautiful photos they deserved.