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It’s Not About the Camera

2017-02-20T09:53:04-07:00Categories: Creative|

It’s what every photographer hears at least three times a year. “My uncle, cousin, fiancé’s good friend has this great camera and took some awesome vacation shots. They even took a photo class in school and were on the yearbook staff! We’re on a budget so we’re just gonna use them instead. Sounds great—until they get [...]

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Pros Don’t Give Up

2017-03-01T08:52:17-07:00Categories: Creative, Design|

The clouds were coming in fast and the traffic was heavy on the freeways this Friday night. We got the call from our bride and groom that they were running late for their engagement shoot at Cabrillo Beach. Timing is everything in outdoor photography because of one thing—natural light. With only 15 minutes of shooting time [...]

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Grey Day, Bright Smiles

2017-03-01T09:18:20-07:00Categories: Creative|Tags: , |

Ever worry about the potential of a grey day on your wedding day? That was the state of the weather this weekend. At least the threat of rain had passed. Our clients, Miguel and Tenia’s wedding was this Saturday at the Wayfarers’ Chapel, known for it’s beauty inside and out. Such a great couple too, good [...]

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Puppy Love

2017-03-05T21:40:02-07:00Categories: Creative, Design|Tags: , |

Many brides have two loves. Each are tender and devoted, eager to please and full of unconditional love. Often we photograph the three of them together on their engagement shoot. The bride, groom and their dog are much like a little family and it’s fun for everyone to treat this group as one. Usually the park [...]

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Now What Did I Get in My Package Again?

2017-03-05T21:38:52-07:00Categories: Creative, Design|

Planning a wedding is often one of the most exciting events in someone’s life. So many details, choices and versions of contracts about services one has never used before are dizzying. It’s enough to make a sane person crazy! Where it gets really tricky is when the bride and groom see more than a couple options [...]

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Home Depot Center Velodrome

2017-02-11T12:16:04-07:00Categories: Creative, Design|

In my youth I raced my bicycle, and when I was not racing I was taking pictures of my friends at their respective cycling events. This is how the photography bug bit me. I have been shooting ever since. Things have come around full circle and on Saturday I found myself meeting my bike club at [...]

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